Rock Sliders
April 2007

After building a new rear bumper, I knew it was time for a little more body protection. I didn't really want the added weight of thick steel rocker guards, and I found that Big Daddy Offroad offered a set in 1/4" aluminum. Of course they don't offer them for Scramblers, so I compared some pictures of TJ Unlimiteds and Scramblers, and I decided that the TJ Unlimited guards would fit the Scrambler with a little room to spare. I'm planning to add TJ flares in the future, and the length turned out just about right. I was sure to mount them back from the front fender opening which will allow room for the front TJ flares, and I guess I'll find out if they need to be trimmed a bit for TJ flares later.

I'm very pleased with these rock sliders. They are light weight, but very strong. I did drill 2 new mounting holes on the underside of the flares as the original 2 holes were an inch or two off for use in a Scrambler.

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